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Awesome Algarve: Trekking the Via Algarviana

Walking Man -Via Algarviana - TrekkingBug.comIf you think you know the Algarve, think again. Known for its sun, sand and sea the Algarve doesn’t disappoint the millions of visitors each year, but then again neither will the Via Algarviana.
Known by many as the ‘Secret Algarve’, the Via Algarviana is a 300km designated walking path that stretches from the Eastern Portuguese town of Alcoutim on the Portuguese-Spanish border to the most South Western point of Europe, Cabo Sao Vicente.
The Via Algarviana has something for everyone, whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a city slicker who just wants some headspace, you will find it all here amongst the cork oak trees. Be the first to realise that Spring has truly sprung when you smell the scent of orange blossom in the air. In Autumn, follow the path between the groves and groves of dry fruit trees, laden with almonds and figs. Rock rose and lavender are all native to this Mediterranean region and are bound to tickle your senses. Let’s not forget our feathered friends, you trek will pass through the beautiful Costa Vincentina Natural Park, recognised internationally as an important migration corridor for soaring birds linking the continents of Africa and Europe. When you get a moment, lay down and look to the skies, you never know what you might notice high above your head. Just don’t forget your binoculars.
Landscape -Via Algarviana - TrekkingBug.comAdmire the charms of rural life, isolated and immersed in subsistent agriculture you will feel as if time in this peaceful oasis has quite literally stood still. The locals you meet retain a joyful disposition despite the years of depopulation, giving a real distinctive character and charm to the region. Learn about the local customs, indulge in their traditional foods and splurge on their local homemade crafts. While you are here, test your liver with some of the traditional brandy, ‘Medronho’ or ‘Firewater’ as it is locally known, you won’t regret it!
You could not talk about the Via Algarviana without mentioning the panoramic views. You will feel like you conquered the world, as you reach Fóia, the highest point on the Via Algarviana at 902m. From here you will be afforded fantastic 360 ̊ views over the entire region, right to the coast. From the heights of Fóia to the cliff edges of the Cape of St. Vincent, you will be swept away in the magic of the Via Algarviana. The sea breeze, crashing waves and a glorious sunset will give you a new sense of energy as you end your Via Algarviana adventure at the cape, once thought to be the end of the world.
Step away from the beach and step into the wilderness. Book the Via Algarviana and book the walking trip of a lifetime.

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