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Hiking in Croatia; What to expect

Feel like hiking under the sun then hiking in Croatia could be for you.  Whether its crystal blue waters, bright blue skies, unspoiled nature or friendly locals you’re after, Croatia ticks all your hiking needs.  Exploring Croatia on foot provides a unique opportunity to experience the stunning landscapes, ancient towns and cultural heritage, everything that makes Dubrovnik and Croatia so special. With over 1000 islands to choose from in Croatia, a hiking trip here is definitely one worth considering.Dubrovnik-walls-Croatia-Trekkingbug

If you are visiting Croatia you will need to visit either of these fantastic cities, Dubrovnik or Split.  Despite neither of them being the capital of Croatia, each one embraces the splendour of both rustic mountains and the tranquil Adriatic.  Walk along the walls of the distinctive old town, a renowned UNESCO world heritage site since 1979.  These thick fortified defensive walls from the 16th century enclose a collection of beautifully preserved gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings.  The site has withstood the passing of time, from earthquakes to the notable conflict in the region during the early 1990’s and continues to delight the thousands of visitors who come to this gem of a city each year.  Dubrovnik, the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ is something not to be missed out on while hiking in Croatia.  As fellow esteemed Irishman George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik’.

Shoot the breeze like a local in cool Split, Croatia’s second largest city.  Built around the 4th century, Diocletian’s Palace, now a UNESCO world heritage site and the life centre of the city.  Meandering some of the labyrinthine streets within the complex, you can’t help but feel like one of the locals, as you shop, dine and relax in this cool city.  If you need a break from it all, you can head for a hike to the Marjan Peninsula, a protected forest park surrounded on three sides by beautiful calm Adriatic Sea.Panoramic-View--Croatia-TrekkingBug

Balance your time in Croatia with hikes on some of the country’s most remote and beautiful islands.  The islands of Mljet and Hvar, among hundreds more offer, spectacular national parks and an unforgettable sense of peace and quiet.  If its height you seek, hiking Mount Sniježnica, at 1234 metres offers you truly unforgettable panoramas over the island sprinkled Croatian coastline.

One thing is sure, if you’re looking for a hike with beauty, culture and enough wilderness to satisfy your trekking bug then hiking in Croatia is the place to you.

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