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You know you’ve got the trekking bug when….

It happened to every one of us here at Trekking It started innocently with a casual stroll through a local park. Then, in what seemed like a flash, we were admiring the sunset from the side of a mountain half way across the globe. Hiking becomes a way of life for some people. We get it! In our humble (and totally unbiased) opinion, there’s no better way to see the world than by using your own two feet. Maybe you’ve done some local trails, maybe you’ve even embarked on a full hiking holiday. But are you hooked yet? Have you got the Trekking Bug? Here’s how you know you’ve got it:

When you know every item of food in your supermarket that will last a day in your backpack (and you don’t have to cook).

When you look at blisters as a mark of success, rather than an inconvenience.danka-peter-178

When your hiking boots are the most expensive shoes you own.

When you tackle the stairs at home like a training exercise.

When everyone in your family buys you a rain jacket for Christmas.

When you book your next trekking holiday before you get home from your current one.

When you start trying to convert your colleagues to the life.

When you wake up in a cold sweat after after dreaming you forgot your walking poles.

When you never leave the house without a flask.alice-donovan-rouse-199230

When you spend your lunch break researching on Google Maps.

When new socks are no longer a joke gift.

When the weather doesn’t even matter anymore.

When you start to wonder if you could live on the trail.tamara-menzi-52500

When traditional sun holidays start to seem absolutely insane.

When you start to hate sitting on the couch.

When you have every Lonely Planet Book Ever made.

When your phone battery lasts all day on your hike.

When you’ve seen more nature in a foreign country than the locals.

When you have the most awesome pictures on your Instagram feed.


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