3 Amazing Treks in Europe for 2018

What trek is on your bucket-list for 2018? We have a long list of favourite’s but here we have picked three amazing treks in Europe to get you thinking about your next big adventure.


7 nights/95km

A challenge for most hikers, this is one of the world’s iconic treks, famous for it’s snow peaked mountains and twisted paths. The high altitude will challenge you and reward you with amazing views. Alpine goats greet you along the trail. Many trekkers will hike this walk alone meeting fellow adventurers along the way. The route is well marked with breathtaking views from some of Europe’s highest peaks. A highlight is spending a night in the lively ski town of Chamonix. Note: this trail may be inaccessible in the winter months due to difficult weather conditions. Always check the weather before you embark on your journey.



7 nights/95 km

Available all year round, this trek is ideal for nature enthusiasts and sun lovers. If you are interested in unique flora and fauna welcome to paradise. La Gomera is situated just 30 kms off the coast of Tenerife. With dramatic coastlines, lush green valleys and volcanic views this is a walk to remember. With some steep and rocky climbs you will relish the short challenges each day. Satisfied with your daily walks you can savour the relaxing evenings in quaint village of Chipude and Playa de Santiago. Keep a close eye out for the Islands of Tenerife in the distance when you reach the top of walk to Alto de Garajonay, the highest point in La Gomera.



5 nights/48km

Famous for it’s coloured, neatly stacked houses, the Cinque Terre coastline offers up some of the beautiful walking trails. The reasons we picked this as one of our favourite treks in Europe is it’s accessibility. Any walker with any level of fitness will be able to meander a section of this beautiful trails. Trails are lined with olive groves on one side and stunning coastal views on the other.



On all of our treks in Europe you will get a holiday pack, walking notes, maps, accommodation and luggage transfers. For more information about any of our top treks in Europe please contact one of our Travel Specialists.


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