5 Epic Treks and Journeys for 2018

It’s the second week in January and you’re still clinging onto the idea or maybe the hope of ‘New year- New You’.  Ditching the typical sun lounger and beach, and embarking on one of these 5 Epic treks and journeys below could be one of the easiest changes you make this year.

What better way to step out of your comfort zone, impress your family and/or brag to your friends about, than one of these fantastic once in lifetime trips.  Don’t give up on that blissful ‘Carpe Diem’ attitude just yet and sit back as I take you on a journey of some 5 Epic Treks and Journeys for 2018 that will no doubt inspire you for the exciting year ahead.

Something new and probably unheard of by most, this spectacular epic African trek is sure to leave you craving more.  Located in equatorial Uganda, the Rwenzori mountain range is the stuff of dreams and comprises of 6 peaks, the tallest, Mount Stanley standing at 5109m, will offer you panoramic views over the entire region and across into nearby Congo.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a nature lover’s paradise, full of endemic wildlife and plant species native to just the area.  You can avail of this trip of a lifetime by joining our group departing on March 1st2018.  Read more about this tour and Rwenzori’s Mountains of the Moon here.



Ever dreamed of putting on your hiking boots and going to South America in search of an ancient Inca civilization?! We have! Our epic trek along the Salkantay trail is not one you are going to forget easily either.  That first glance of the majestic Machu Picchu as it emerges from the clouds is something that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our Salkantay trail, takes you away from the crowded Inca trail and lets you discover a different side to Peru off the main tourist trail.  Highlights along this spectacular trail, apart from the jaw dropping Machu Picchu include Cusco, the Peru’s Sacred Valley and the hot springs at Aguas Caliente. Read more on Machu Picchu and our other epic treks in South America here.


Everybody has heard of Mount Everest- being the tallest mountain on the entire planet and all, it’s hard to miss. Just imagine how cool it would be though to follow in some of the footsteps of some of the world’s great explorers such as Hillary and Norgay. Reaching Everest Basecamp is no small accomplishment, standing at 5300m, everything about this mountain deserves due respect.

On this epic trek you will get the opportunity to explore the bustling Kathmandu and all its famous sights, along your trek not only will you get to see some breath-taking scenery, but you will also experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Nepalese people as you embrace the exciting culture as you stay in traditional teahouses.  You can read much more about this epic trek and more here.



Trekking in Tajikistan’s Fann mountains is a personal favourite of mine.  Situated on the ancient Silk Road trail between Europe and Asia, this was the place where two civilizations collided.  Trekking in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains promises breath-taking vistas of picture postcard scenes of snowy peaks, roaring rivers fed by the meltwater, turquoise blue lakes, and pockets of jade green farmland, irrigated with river water.

Our experienced guides will bring you on an epic journey through the famous Alauddin pass at 3860m, the highest point on this epic trek.  Furthermore, explore Tajikistan’s capital- Dushanbe with its bustling covered markets and its exciting culture. Find more information on our trek in Tajikistan here.


Last but none the less an ‘epic trek’, the Camino de Santiago in Spain packs quite the punch for those seeking a challenging yet social or reflective time.  You may have heard of the Camino de Santiago as being a spiritual or religious trek throughout Spain to the North Western Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, where its tradition lies buried.  If truth be told however, this popular bucket list trek is much more than it seems, while it doesnt have the 3000+m altitudes that some of the aforementioned treks have, what it lacks in altitude it makes up for in its duration.

A trek on the Camino de Santiago can last more than 5 weeks (depending on where you wish to begin from), so it’s not a light-hearted stroll either and rightly deserves its place on our most ‘epic’ treks and journeys list.  You will be able to find more information on the Camino de Santiago here on our sister website Caminoways.com.

So, guys I hope you enjoyed our compiled list of our 5 epic treks and journeys, for more information on any of the tours mentioned above or more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch below.


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