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Greenlife Tours organises regular FREE live talks and information evenings with our partners. All trekking enthusiasts who register for the talks receive a full history of the most popular routes, including the Camino de Santiago, the Via Francigena, Tour du Mont Blanc and other tours. We also provide useful travel advice, tips and insights. Our live talks take place throughout Ireland in Dublin, Cork, Sligo, Westport, Limerick and Galway.

Check out our full schedule and register for our upcoming Camino de Santiago talks. If you’d like us to host a talk near you, let us know.




To cater for our international clients and all of our customers who cannot make it to our live talks we schedule regular online presentations with different members of our travel team. Check out our full schedule of talks.


We often host events along with our sister brands, IrelandWays.com and CaminoWays.com. These walks generally take place at the weekend, and are the perfect chance to meet fellow hiking enthusiasts. We also have staff on hand to answer any questions you may have about our tours. It’s great exercise and a brilliant day out! Find out more here.


Each year we run the Greenlife Fund to support a special environmental or responsible travel project that inspires us.

It is part of our company ethos to give back to the communities that we are involved with and we are delighted to support inspiring projects through the Greenlife Fund. Read more about Greenlife Fund winning projects, as well as submission guidelines to submit your project for next year’s fund. If you have any questions or would like to subject a responsible travel project from your area, please get in touch at marketing@greenlifetours.com.