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Hiking tips : Packing essentials

At TrekkingBug.com we want you to get the best out of your hiking experience so we’ve put together some of our most valuable hiking tips and tricks for your upcoming trip. In this weeks post we’ll begin with our packing essentials. We know that adventure travel, while absolutely exhilarating and exciting, can be a little overwhelming at times when deciding exactly what you need to pack for a trip! We don’t want to be weighed down with too much stuff, nor do we want to leave an important item behind! We’ve done our research and come up with our ultimate list on packing essentials, tailored to TrekkingBug.com’s routes, from the Hiking in the Sierra Nevada to traversing the spectacular Tour de Mont Blanc, we’ve got you covered!

hiking-boots-preparation-tips-walking-europeHiking Shoes

It’s always important when hiking to have comfortable and worn-in shoes. One of the most common reasons that people fail to complete a hike is due to wearing shoes that simply haven’t been broken in yet. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure to take your shoes out for a few spins before the main event!


Before my trip around South America, I had trawled the internet and compiled what I had thought was the ultimate packing list. Just as I was about to cross security, my mother handed me a packet of anti-histamines. These were exactly what saved me from the incessant itching courtesy of all the lovely little amazonian creatures that had taken to feasting on my Irish skin. So take a leaf from Mammy O’Neill’s book and pack the anti-histamines by the bucket-load.

Insect repellent

Speaking of insects, prevention is the best cure so depending on what part of the world you’ll be in, a varying amount of deet will be required.


You’re likely to face varying temperatures. Naturally, the higher altitude you reach the colder it gets. Even if you’re hiking in sunny Spain it’s still good to prepare for some cold weather, particularly if hiking in the northern part of the country on the Lighthouse Way and also  layers that are easy to take off when you warm up.

A scarfSierra-nevada-walking-trail-trekking-bug

I absolutely swear by scarves, dare I say the most versatile item of clothing a person can have. In fact, I could probably write an entire blog post on the merits of scarves alone. Cold? Throw on a scarf. Forgotten your sun-cream? Cover yourself with a scarf. Need a pillow or blanket? Lay down a scarf. Want to spice up your outfit? Scarf? Need a make-shift sling? Scarf.

Sun protection

You’re going to be spending hours at a time out in the open air, far far away from your desk, lucky you! While you won’t have to deal with sorting out your inbox this week, you will need to worry about protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Keeping your skin covered, wearing a hat, sunglasses and slapping on  some SPF 30+ are absolute musts!

Hydration sachets

Hydration is crucial on a long hike. Hydration sachets are quite literally, a life saver. These sachets take up very little space in your luggage due to their compact size, meaning you can bring extra! Please note that these cannot be used as a replacement for water and it’s important that you drink plenty of water.

Mountain-Martin-Tour-de-Mont-Blanc-TrekkingBug.comDay pack

You’re going to be walking for a few hours at a time so aside from your regular luggage (which will be transferred to and from your accommodation as provided by TrekkingBug.com) you will need a bag for all your supplies throughout your trek: snacks, water, extra clothing layers, sun protection etc.

A sense of humour

Of everything listed above, I believe this last one to be the most valuable of the lot. In adventure travel, you’ll be delving into new cultures and unfamiliar landscapes so it’s always wise to expect the unexpected. I’m speaking from experience when I say that a positive attitude and a sense of humour will get you absolutely everywhere.

Please note that additional supplies will be required for those braving our Climb Kilimanjaro challenge, you can find all the information you need to prepare for your trip in our other blog posts Getting ready to climb Kilimanjaro – Part 1 and Getting ready to climb Kilimanjaro – Part 2.

If you would like to share your hiking tips or would like to request information on any topic, we’d love to hear from you! To request a quote contact our travel specialists.


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