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Why we love: walking in Italy

What do you we think of when we dream of travelling to Italy? Rolling hills filled with fresh vines, a turquoise sea inviting you for a swim, crusts of freshly prepared margarita pizza, sipping on the finest Italian wines….this is just the beginning. The beauty of walking in Italy for your holiday is that you get to experience the best of Italy every day of your trip.


The Scenery

Time passes slowly walking through in any part of Italy. Enjoy strolling along the narrow paths of the Cinque Terre coast, stopping at each corner to admire the multi-coloured villages all along the way. Another route takes us to the historic centre of Amalfi where we are surrounded by beautiful coastal views. If a sense of peace and tranquility is top of your list when it comes to holidays you are in the right place.¬†You will pass through tiny village where rusty coloured buildings jutting into the bluest skies shade you from the afternoon sun. Walking beside uninterrupted vineyards and olive groves provides the perfect compliment to your map along the way. But there is more, the scenery¬†doesn’t end when you arrive at your destination for the evening. You will find little coves, cobbled streets and postcard perfect buildings in every Italian town.

The Food

When you taste Italian pasta with fresh anchovies in homemade tomato sauce ‘That’s Amore’. Italy conjures up smells of olives, images of grape vines, thoughts of spicy chorizo and big oven baked pizzas. These images and smells are enhanced on any walking holiday as you welcome the energy boosting carb-filled dishes after any day walking through the hills. Olive and citrus groves bend to greet you each morning for many holidays walking in Italy. Make sure to sample some of locally produced wines of Riomaggiore and stop by the local Gellateria in Manorola to cool down with some delicious ice-creams.


The History

If you are planning a trip to Italy prepare to be immersed in history. From the ruins of the Roman Empire to the breathtaking artworks of the Renaissance, everywhere in Italy is steeped in historic traditions. Explore the intriguing Vatican buildings in Rome, discover the medieval city of Lucca and visit the impressive castle of Terra Murata in the Bay of Naples. Italy is packed full of cultural treasures. Walking in Italy gives you a great opportunity to stumble upon historic sites and stop to admire the many monuments.


The People

Don’t expect to understand everything with fluent Italian but just go with the gestures. It is all about body language in Italy and a lot can be said with a simple smile and ‘Ciao Bella’. After a short time in Italy you will see how everybody uses hand gestures and facial expressions to accentuate what they are saying. We love how Italians add drama to every day life making the mundane seem so much more interesting. It is no surprise that some of the worlds most famous operas were composed by Italians.

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