Travel Tips

The team brings you easy to follow travel tips and advice to help you plan next trekking adventure, so you can make the most of our fantastic hiking trails and wonderful destinations!

When to Go

hiking-canaries-spain-la-gomera-trekking-bugThe best time to go will depend on the country and hiking trail you have chosen. In general, Spring and Autumn are popular seasons for trekking and walking in Europe, when the weather is mild and drier in general. Summer is ideal for hiking trails in coastal areas so you can make the most of the seaside views, or even go for a swim after your walking day. Summer will be also the best time to trek in high mountain areas such as the Alps.

If you intend to walk during the summer months, please be aware that the summer months can be very hot in certain regions of Southern Europe, especially areas with no shades (trees), along the trail, and therefore it’s advisable that you bring along the essential items to avoid sunstroke.

Certain tours such as Kilimanjaro, have specific departure dates to make sure you travel at the best possible time of the year.

Most of our holidays are available all year round; each tour has a ‘weather’ tab where you can check average temperature and rainfall per month.

Ask our team if you need advice on the best time to go on your chosen trekking or hiking trail.

What to Bring

Some travelers have suggested making a photocopy of your passport and other important document and leaving it with a family member so that if you lose it while hiking, you can just get them faxed to you. Moreover, check that your passport is still valid, if not, we recommend that you send it away as the processing time can be long.

Some people find roaming charges for mobile phones are really expensive therefore; if you intend to leave you phone home, you can always purchase prepaid cards and use the payphone to ring home (or our emergency number). Alternatively you can use the Internet café (in almost every town) to send an email or call. Many accommodations and restaurants will have WIFI available.

There is no need to bring any books other than your guidebook, to avoid more weight in your backpack. However if you book with your luggage will be transferred so you can bring a reading book along!

Although there will be pharmacies in the main towns, language can be a barrier, hence making it difficult to get the correct medication. It might be a better option to obtain additional supplies before you leave. However if you are looking for aspirin, paracetamol or panadol, they can be easily obtained in towns along the trails.

There is nothing worse than to bring the wrong gear to a trekking or hiking trip. Always check the weather online and the type of route you are taking, before you go as this can determine what you will need. For instance if you are hiking a relatively easy trail during the summer there is no need to bring heavy walking/hiking boots, this will only slow you down. In this case we suggest you bring a good pair of trail shoes. However during the winter seasons, runners are not good in the bad weather. If you are trekking in the mountains or more challenging trails, having the right gear, hiking shoes with proper grip, etc… is simply essential.

Remember your shoes are the most important part of the gear so try them before you go. Please note that change of clean socks (wool/cotton looped variety) each day can make a huge difference.

Holiday Pack

We take a particular pride of doing practical and useful holiday packs for your trip along our fantastic hiking trails around the world. The packs have been prepared by our staff after travelling to the destinations. Your holiday pack contains practical information for enjoyment of your walking holiday with

The holiday pack is sent one month before departure (by email and post) and it includes:

By email: hotel vouchers, information about your accommodation and their location, cycling/walking notes and maps (or a guide book by post, depending on the route and availability), a general information document including details about how luggage transfers and other services booked with us work, as well as practical information such as our 24/7 assistance number, what to bring, useful phrases in Spanish/French/Italian and other tips for the trip. This information will be emailed to you and it is very important you download it, read it at home and print it to take with you on your trip.

By post: luggage tags for the group to be attached to your luggage during the trip (and guidebook when/if necessary).

Our hiking notes and practical information reflect the route as accurately as possible and are updated by the team as often as possible. Like with any other holiday, in addition to our hiking notes, we recommend you bring any additional literature you might have, as well as reading about the route and the area before you travel for additional information about events, culture and festivals.

*For last minute bookings: your holiday pack will be sent as soon as possible.


This is the tag that should be attached to your luggage in order to be transferred from hotel to hotel, and easily identified by our transporters.

You only need to write your booking reference, contact details and hotel names.

Our transporters have more tags, so if the tag gets damaged they will replace them with your details, you don’t have to worry.


You will encounter many different nationalities and languages on your trekking holiday.

If you are travelling in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland or any other European country, a bit of the local language will help you get in tune with the local culture.

While you might meet many English-speaking along the way (both walkers and service providers), you will also need a few basic phrases in the local language to help you communicate, particularly in smaller villages and towns.

We have compiled a pocket-sized Spanish, French and Italian vocabulary guide you might find helpful on your hiking trip:

Useful Spanish for your walking holiday
Useful French for your walking holiday
Useful Italian for your walking holiday

If you have any more questions, the team is always happy to assist, give us a call on 00 353 1 5252886 or email us at