The Hiking in Portugal Via Algarviana Secret Algarve

Up to 15 Nights
308 km
Tour Type:
Time To Go:
All Year Round

The Via Algarviana hiking trail, begins in the riverside village of Alcoutim and extends for 300km to the South-Western most tip of Portugal at Cabo São Vincente. The route traverses the three different zones of the Algarve, the serra (mountain), barrocal and coastline. Keeping away from the popular loud resorts on the coastline, the route winds inland along forest paths, open countryside, through several quaint villages and up and over the hills and mountains of the Serra do Caldeirão and Serra do Monchique before reaching the natural protected flora and fauna of Costa Vincentina natural park. Via Algarviana hiking is bound to stimulate your taste buds, keep you on your toes and allow you to reconnect with nature while never being too far from beautiful Mediterranean sunshine.

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