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camino-preparation-part4-caminoways-300x225Preparing for your Walking Holiday? Month 4 of the Walking Preparation Programme by Peter from D-Peter Health & Fitness Clinic in Dublin focuses on motivation.

Do you have a Motto?

If Yes! Then write it down now in BIG WRITTING on a LARGE A4 page or piece of cardboard!

If Not! Then make one up! What’s your goal? Think about it and put words together. It only has to mean something to you!

Make it POP Out make it COLOURFUL. Put it over your TV, on your fridge door, the wall next to your bed, along the dash board of your car – Somewhere where you will always SEE IT!

Every time you will see your Motto, it will remind you of your GOAL, of what’s important to you.

Slowly it will Motto-vate you!

Slowly you will think back of the little excuses you made:
1. The weather is too poor!
2. I’m too tired
3. I had such a busy day, I just need to sit down and relax
4. My favourite show will be starting soon

Slowly, you will realise that the only thing stopping you from doing what’s Important to you, is You!

Whatever your Excuse!
1. Look @ your Motto – Psych your- self up – Go for your walk, run or go down to your Gym
2. Exercise Increases Energy
3. Exercise makes you Feel Good
4. Exercise Increases Work Ethic

This is Your Time!

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